Weekly LIPAc highlights (14/December-18/December)

Facility Inspection

On Wednesday 16th December the facility inspection was completed successfully. The Injector operation was very stable at 50% duty cycle (dc) and 100mA of total extracted current from deuterium plasma. A positive notification of the acceptance of the inspection is expected shortly. To be noted that this facility inspection could be the last one until completion of the planned LIPAc operation.

HEBT (High Energy Beam Transport) commissioning

This week more remote sessions with CIEMAT support took place for the commissioning of the different Beam Instrumentation equipment installed in the HEBT line (SEM grid, Slits, Faraday Cup).

Beam Dump

The installation of the planned upgrade in the deaeration loop (oxygen control loop) of the Beam Dump continued all the week.

Vacuum systems and ancillaries

RFQ and HEBT cryopump groups have been safely stopped (the RFQ cavity is still pumped by one turbomolecular pump, the HEBT is kept in static vacuum). The same will be done for their cooling skids. The systems are maintained in a safe situation because of several maintenance activities planned during the winter break on compressed air system and on common skids.

Global Alignment survey

The preparation of the global alignment survey of the LIPAc continued and the work in the vault will start this week.

Disclaimer: the information reported is not meant to be technically complete and doesn’t cover all the activities currently carried out on LIPAc.