Test Facility

Test Facility Validation Activities

The design and validation of the Test Facilities are predominantly conducted in EU with KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany) as the leading laboratory with contributions from CIEMAT (Spain), SCK-CEN (Belgium) and CRPP (Switzerland), with the exception of the Small Specimens Test technique development carried out under the coordination of JAEA. Design work of the test facilities is accompanied by prototyping of the High Flux Test Module (HFTM) and internal rigs for post-irradiation examination of miniature-size specimens of fusion reactor materials and on-line creep testing in the Medium Flux Test Module (CFTM). It is also making progress on the design and R&D of an alternative proposal of HFTM, potentially enabling irradiation under very high temperatures, adequate for irradiation testing of SiC. To read more, follow the links below