General LIPAc status of last week 45 (2-6/November)

Maintenance of Injector vacuum

The replacement of the oil rotary vane primary pump with a dry multi root pump was successfully completed. Performance tests of the oil rotary vane pump and of the dry multi root pump were carried out to ensure adequate performance in pumping H species. The results are considered satisfactory to proceed with the conditioning of the ion source in preparation of the facility inspection. Longer tests will be performed after the facility inspection to further assess the dry pumping performance in pump H2 at high gas flow rates.

It is planned to resume the injector conditioning on 11th of November.

Preparation for injector scroll pumps testing (using a new workbench installed in front of the injector to ease maintenance operation).

HEBT (High Energy Beam transport) commissioning

Checks and fine tuning of the HEBT magnets with CIEMAT remote support are on-going.

The regeneration of one of the four ion pumps of the HEBT was completed successfully. One more ion pump will be regenerated next week before the start of the Injector operation. Two remaining pumps are scheduled to be regenerated after the facility inspection (after mid-December).

Disclaimer: the information reported is not meant to be technically complete and doesn’t cover all the activities currently carried out on LIPAc.