Project Committee #28

21 & 22 October 2021

The 28th Project Committee (PC#28) was held at QST Rokkasho Site on October 21st and 22nd and by video conference. An update of the project status was presented as well as the outlook for 2022.

The main topics discussed were the progress since last spring’s PC#27 and the effort made in the management of the LIPAc activities, with the following highlights:

  • The beam operation in its Phase B+ configuration started after two years of installation and hardware commissioning of the equipment;
  • Remote participation access tools have been made available for LIPAc beam operation thanks to a close collaboration with the IFERC project;
  • Procurement Arrangements have been signed for the Fusion Neutron Source Design activities to be carried out between 2021 and 2025;
  • Concerns were expressed regarding the possible impact on the schedule of the entry restrictions in Japan related to Covid-19, despite an already implemented mitigation plan.
View of PC#28 with remote participants