IFMIF/EVEDA Project Committee #30

20 & 21 October 2022

The 30th Project Committee (PC#30) was held on the 20th and 21st of October 2022 at the QST Rokkasho Fusion Institute. For the first time since the Covid outbreak, it took place not only by video conference, but also in-person, welcoming members and experts from Japan and Europe.

The first day was dedicated to the update of the project status and the outlook for 2023 with many presentations.

The main topics highlighted since last spring’s PC#29 were the following:

  • The injector continuous wave campaign with the 12 mm plasma electrode reached 160 mA extracted current. The requested beam characteristics have not yet reached the requirements and further operation is needed;
  • The continuous wave conditioning of the RFQ was suspended to test the RF power couplers with brazed-window, as well as to improve the design of the O-ring couplers;
  • The SRF Linac assembly started in the Joint Research Building at Rokkasho on 22 August 2022, following the completion of the ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure rinsing of the superconducting solenoids;
  • The Fusion Neutron Source Design (FNSD) activities made significant progress both on the Lithium Facility and on the Fusion Neutron Sources, with many technical exchanges illustrating a strong collaboration between Japan EU-HT and JA-HT.
RF power couplers presentation and remote PC members
PC#30 participants both in person and remotely

The second day was dedicated to the site tour with the visit of:

  • the accelerator vault (see below picture),
  • the RF area, to have a look at the High-Power Test Bench among many systems,
  • the Joint Research building, to see the progress made in the SRF Linac assembly, and
  • the Central Control Room.

On the afternoon, the PC members reviewed and approved the Record of Conclusion. Hopefully, the next Project Committee, planned on March 16 and 17, 2023, will be only face-to-face.

Site tour – visit of the Accelerator vault by PC members and experts