Delivery of the first components of the LIPAc’s RF Power System


We are proud to announce that the first components of the LIPAc’s RF Power System have arrived at Rokkasho site.

After a long sea travel from Spain, three containers reached Hachinohe port on 28th August. Devanning at the port and transportation from Hachinohe to Rokkasho took three days starting from 31st August.


RF Delivery_Containers  RF Delivery_TruckContainers at Hachinohe Port (left); and truck loaded and ready to depart to Rokkasho (right)



A total of fifteen packages were delivered to Rokkasho site; including seven RF high voltage power supplies (HVPS), two RF Modules, three electrical distribution cabinets, and auxiliaries.

From 2nd to 4th September, NKK Company opened all the wooden crates and started the installation of the components, which is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

RF Delivery_3  RF Delivery_RF Modules RF Power System’s wooden crates staged at the RF Power Bay Area (right) and two RF Modules (main and circulator platform) ready for its installation (right)