Project Committee #24

15 & 16 October 2019

The 24th Project Committee (PC#24) was held at Rokkasho Broader Approach Site on October 15 and 16. The project status and achievements were presented as well as the outlook from phase B+ onward. The main update topics discussed were:

  • RF system improvement
  • Phase B milestone beam perveance record
  • Beam Dump installation resumed
  • Phase B end and the maintenance period start
  • Technical difficulties
  • Next objectives towards continuous wave operation
  • Objectives of High Energy Beam Transport line and Beam Dump validation
  • Long-term improvement actions
  • Preparation of the Medium Energy Beam Transport extension line
  • Status of superconducting solenoids procurement for the SRF Linac Cryomodule
  • Preparatory status for the clean room assembly of the Cryomodule

The action plan for 2020 was presented for installation, maintenance and operation.

Attendees PC#24