13th Meeting of the IFMIF/EVEDA Project Committee

Rokkasho, Japan, 19-20 March 2014

On 19- 20 March, the 13th Meeting of the IFMIF/EVEDA Project Committee (IFMIF PC-13) was held at the JAEA Rokkasho site.

The meeting was mainly devoted to the review of the updated Project Plan and the Annual Report 2013 for the IFMIF/EVEDA Project, to be submitted to the next Broader Approach Steering Committee (BA SC) for approval.

The IFMIF PC welcomed the relevant results of the investigations carried out with respect to the cavitation phenomena and observed thinning of the stainless steel conduits in the EVEDA Lithium Test Loop Experiments (ELTL), and encouraged JAEA to consider additional experimental time beyond the presently agreed test campaign scheduled termination date. Additional efforts towards the long term operation under vacuum were also deemed advisable to be taken into consideration in the near future.

Good news were also reported with regards the progress of the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc) Installation and Commissioning activities. The IFMIF PC participants had the opportunity to see the advances of the on-site activities being jointly carried out by JAEA, Project Team, and CEA experts. The installation of the Ion Source and Low Energy Beam Transport line is now progressing at full speed moving forward the LIPAcfs 1st Stage Commissioning, which is presently planned to start by summer this year.

The successful NaK filling of the High Flux Test Module (HFTM) has unblocked the related test facilities validation activities, allowing in particular to launch the preparatory work for the BR2 fission reactor irradiation campaign at SCK-CEN (Mol, Belgium).

The next IFMIF/EVEDA Project Committee meeting will be held in Rokkasho (Japan) on 8-9 October 2014.