The mission of JT-60SA is to contribute to the early realisation of fusion energy by addressing key physics issues relevant for ITER and DEMO. JT-60SA is a fully superconducting tokamak capable of confining high-temperature (100 million degree) deuterium plasmas with “break-even” condition, in which the output power is equivalent to the input power (Output power is estimated DT equivalent power, which is calculated on the assumption of plasma composed of 50% deuterium and 50% tritium).

The JT-60SA Integrated Project Team, Eurofusion and the Fusion Energy Forum of Japan are collaborating to establish the research plan of JT-60SA. This will continue to evolve as the fusion communities in Japan and Europe deepen and sharpen the research strategy of JT-60SA. For more information please visit JT-60SA project webpage.

JT60-SA Schematic and participating countries