Operation on-going:

The operation has been resumed, and it is expected to have the machine running until August 10th, 2018. After that, a long term maintenance shutdown will occur for preparing the LIPAc to complete the commissioning phase B.

Week 31: 

Beam injection into RFQ & transport up to LPBD was conducted: Iext=30mA; Output LEBT=21.6mA –> LPBD=20.9 mA.
The week was devoted to the setup and the tuning of the Beam Instrumentations.


F4E News:

Europe and Japan operate accelerator to deliver first beam


First proton beam injected into the RFQ on 13 June 2018!!!

As a major milestone towards the validation of the IFMIF accelerator design, the first beam has been injected into the RFQ at the LIPAc (Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator) at Rokkasho on 13 June 2018.

After some optimization, on Friday 15 June 2018 more than 80% of transmission in the RFQ was achieved.

This first campaign consisting of the full characterization of the proton beam at low duty cycle, followed by an increase of the beam current up to 65mA, will last almost 8 weeks, and will be followed by the deuteron beam operation. Besides this important milestone being reached, LIPAc project will have to face other important challenges before the start of the next phase with the assembly of the SRF Linac at Rokkasho site and the installation of the HEBT/BD required to reach the final targeted 9MeV.

Congratulations to the LIPAc Operation Team!!

The international team of European and Japanese scientists and engineers celebrating this important milestone

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