IFMIF, the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility, is an accelerator-based neutron source that will use Li(d,xn) reactions to generate a flux of neutrons with a broad peak at 14 MeV equivalent to the conditions of the Deuterium-Tritium reactions in a fusion power plant. IFMIF is conceived for fusion materials testing. [Further reading]

IFMIF/EVEDA project is jointly developed by Europe and Japan. Check here the list of contributing institutes and universities

Irradiation of Test Facility prototypes accomplished in the BR2 fission reactor of Mol

On Tuesday 9 December the 3rd cycle of irradiation of prototypes of the Test Facility was accomplished in the BR2 fission reactor of Mol (Belgium)




The EVEDA Lithium Test Loop terminated its operation

The IFMIF/EVEDA Lithium Test Loop, the world biggest lithium loop, ends its successful operational life on 31st October 2014 with the main validation goals accomplished.

The closing Ceremony was held in Brasimone on 3 Ddecember 2015