IFMIF, the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility, is an accelerator-based neutron source that will use Li(d,xn) reactions to generate a flux of neutrons with a broad peak at 14 MeV equivalent to the conditions of the Deuterium-Tritium reactions in a fusion power plant. IFMIF is conceived for fusion materials testing. [Further reading]



 IFMIF/EVEDA project is jointly developed by Europe and Japan. Check here the list of contributing institutes and universities.


Broader Approach Steering Committee

The Broader Approach Steering Committee #17 held in Padova on 11 December have approved the extension of IFMIF/EVEDA until December 2019

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8th LIPAc Technical Meeting

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LTM08 - Participants, Garching - Germany (Group photo)

LTM08 – Participants, Garching – Germany (Group photo)
















LIFUS6 has started its corrosion/erosion experiments in Brasimone


Visit of Spanish Scientific Counsellor to Rokkasho

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  The Spanish Scientific Counsellor Santiago Herrero Amigo visited rokkasho

  Photo with the Spanish Scientific Counsellor, Santiago Herrero Amigo and IFMIF/EVEDA management in Rokkasho




Delivery of the first components of the LIPAc’s RF Power System

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Components arrived at Rokkasho Site on September 2, 2015