IFMIF, the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility, is an accelerator-based neutron source that will use Li(d,xn) reactions to generate a flux of neutrons with a broad peak at 14 MeV equivalent to the conditions of the Deuterium-Tritium reactions in a fusion power plant. IFMIF is conceived for fusion materials testing. [Further reading].  IFMIF/EVEDA project is jointly developed by Europe and Japan. Check here the list of contributing institutes and universities.

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LIPAc, the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator, is currently ongoing installation and commissioning in Rokkasho, Japan. Check here the latest status of the commissioning and installation activities.

First 200 kW of RF power achieved and liquid He at 4.5 K in the Dewar

200 kW CW - 14 April 2017_1

First 200 kW of RF power



20170418_LHe first level_1

liquid He at 4.5 K in the Dewar


F4E Director meets with Japanese partners

(Rokkasho, 14 October 2016). At Rokkasho Fusion Institute, in the very north of the Honshū island, Johannes Schwemmer discussed the Broader Approach collaboration and progress with Kenkichi Ushigusa (Director General), Yoshitaka Ikeda and Shigeru O’hira (Vice-Directors). A visit to the laboratory allowed him to see not only the DEMO research activities, but also the supercomputer HELIOS (one of the IFERC projects) and the impressive progress of installation of the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc). Last but not least, this was an opportunity to understand, over a cup of coffee, how F4E employees and other European researchers live and work in Rokkasho.

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100mA beam extracted after long maintenance shutdown

After a shutdown period of more than five months long, along which a thorough maintenance campaign on the injector took place, 90keV proton beam, with more than 100mA current, was extracted again this week, in preparation for the last injector commissioning campaign that will span over 5 weeks until November 4th.


Further details, together with details on the progress of installation activities, can be found in the corresponding newsline.


Ceremony held in Rokkasho on 21st April 2016

A ceremony for the celebration of the success of the Injector commissioning and the start of the installation of the RFQ, RF Power generator, MEBT and Diagnostics was held at Rokkasho site with the presence of Japanese and European authorities. (newsline)

Ceremony2p   Ceremony3p

Progress in the installation of the RFQ and RF Power of LIPAc

During the last days the activity has been intense. The installation of the RFQ has progressed and it is almost ready for the Bead Pull measurements scheduled next month. Also the third module of the RF power is almost installed. In parallel, D-Plate and MEBT were unpacked and pre-positioned in the vault.

RF_modulesPar16    2016-4-9-3SMpre-installedDSC01225p

The IFMIF/EVEDA Project Committee #17 in Rokkasho.

Last 13 and 14 March the IFMIF/EVEDA Project Committee took place in Rokkasho. The Committee members could also witness the recent progress of the installation of the RF modules of LIPAc, as well as the latest deliveries from Europe (RFQ supermodules, cooling skids, RF power modules).



The RFQ arrived in Rokkasho.

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After a long flight from Legnaro, via Frankfurt, the three Super Modules of the 10m long RFQ of LIPAc finally arrived in Rokkasho last Monday 22nd. Installation works will start soon.


Broader Approach Steering Committee

The Broader Approach Steering Committee #17 held in Padova on 11 December have approved the extension of IFMIF/EVEDA until December 2019

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Delivery of the first components of the LIPAc’s RF Power System

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Components arrived at Rokkasho Site on September 2, 2015